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My name is Charlotte Nikitopoulos, and I am a fashion designer and the CEO of Charlè Dezigns, my own brand. Looking back, I realize that my mother was my biggest fashion inspiration, with her incredible sense of style. She used to make us the most adorable outfits when my sisters and I were young, and I still marvel at her ability to replicate designs from magazines, draw patterns, and bring her vision to life without any formal education in fashion design.

Girls Wear

The girl I am designing for has no hurry to grow up and is enjoying wearing these clothes. My girlswear line is designed for girly, trendy, and fashionable girls who want to feel and look beautiful. Eventually, these girls will evolve to wearing the ladieswear line. All the clothes are made from 100% fiber fabrics to ensure quality and comfort.

Boys Wear

The boy I am designing for is someone who feels comfortable dressing up and enjoys wearing silhouettes that are typically associated with female clothing, such as a wider-leg pants silhouette or a romper. My goal is to make him feel confident and fashionable while being comfortable in his clothing. This boy has a trendy style and loves to have fun with fashion.

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Ladies Wear

The ladies wear range is designed for women who believe that feeling good makes one look good. The designs are fun, feminine, and fabulous, with a focus on feeling good. My personal style is a chic street style, which is reflected in the clothing. A balance is struck between fashion trends and classic style, so the clothes can be worn for many years and always be in fashion. Great care is taken in selecting fabric choices for this collection, with an emphasis on using mostly pure fabrics rather than mixed fibers to create pieces that are both stylish and high-quality.


People are my source of motivation and inspiration, and in addition to fashion, I have been fortunate to work with non-profit organizations in underprivileged communities. As a philanthropist, I have formed a community of young girls and boys who have been inspired by my journey and who want to follow their own paths without feeling pressured to live up to someone else's expectations. Through coaching them, I am learning more about myself and finding inspiration in their unique perspectives.

Dr. Michael B. Beckwith reminds me, through his books, that we all have amazing gifts that are unique to us, and we all have something to offer the world. "We didn't come into this world to get, but to let." As a result, I believe that with the increasing speed of technology and the internet as a platform, we can achieve anything we want. Information is available at our fingertips, and we can use it to our advantage.

My team and I will continue to strive for Charlè Dezigns to be a brand built on integrity and honesty, providing the best service to our customers.


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